GCG is at the forefront of developing and utilizing secure technology, processes, and procedures to enhance our quality, accuracy, and speed of execution.  Our technology and data security are the most robust in the business. With nearly 100 members in our Systems/IT department — and an ongoing commitment to hiring the best talent in the industry at all levels of our team — GCG has the resources to handle the most complex data tasks, and to do so safely.

SOC 2, Type 1 Certification   logo-aicpa GCG’s commitment to data integrity throughout every administration we handle is the strongest in our industry. As a result, GCG was the first claims administrator to attain SOC 2, Type 1 Certification from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for calendar year 2013 – a designation we have repeated for 2014 and 2015. This Certification independently confirms that GCG’s claims administration process controls are designed to calculate legitimate claimants’ recoveries by contacting and communicating with as many potential claimants as possible, protecting confidential information GCG receives from or on behalf of claimants, processing claims GCG receives, and accepting as many proofs of claim as possible, but only when they satisfy the standards for recovery relevant to each settlement. No other claims agent can tout such a measured and truly objective standard of quality. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 Each year, SOX compliance audits confirm GCG meets best practices in securing and controlling our overall IT environment. All aspects of our application development methods, network infrastructure, and database usage are reviewed. This includes our standards and methodologies, as well as how those are reflected and carried out in our day-to-day IT operations. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  One of the largest independent third party accounting firms in the United States has validated that GCG has in place policies and procedures that meet the administrative, physical and technical safeguards under HIPAA in connection with its claims administration services.

Proprietary Project Management System Each project GCG administers receives its own segregated database and image repository in GCG’s proprietary project management system.  No client data is co-mingled, and security for each project is independently assessed, customized, and administered. GCG ICE® Through GCG ICE®, a secure, patent-protected website developed entirely by GCG and powered by our proprietary technology, institutional investors, law firms and claim filing companies can file and monitor claims electronically in securities class action lawsuits. With GCG ICE®, users can track claims from filing to completion and have 24/7 access to information concerning the status of their claims. Online Portals GCG was the first administrator to provide online claims filing portals as part of legal administrations, and we have developed portals for cases of all types and sizes for more than 15 years. Our online portals are accurate, fast, and safe. We maintain an Enterprise Class network designed for resiliency, speed, and security.  Redundant, carrier-diverse, high-speed circuits ensure that our inter-office communications, as well as those to the outside world, provide quick and uninterrupted connections to GCG’s systems, sites, and data. To keep this information secure, GCG maintains a number of encrypted SANs that, when combined, provide over a Petabyte of space to store sensitive data. We work with our clients to prepare individualized portals to provide ease of use and processing efficiencies with custom reporting and secure remote access for the project at hand. Notably, GCG was the first claims agent to offer online claim filing in the restructuring context in the bankruptcy case in 2001. Our online portal for bankruptcy retentions is the most sophisticated product being used today. It further offers unmatched capacity — we routinely process class action claims online, including cases with hundreds of thousands of claimants.  Bankruptcy claims populations typically pale in comparison, making us the most capable agent to handle any size bankruptcy case. Case Websites GCG’s case-specific websites range from the simple posting of your case information, to the implementation of highly complex, multilingual interactive elements, depending on the needs of each client. Virtual Data Rooms Password protected virtual data rooms allow fast, secure sharing of vast amounts of data with multi-tier permission levels.