Trustees, Special Masters, courts and leading law firms rely on GCG to implement the most complex of mass tort programs, including global and partial settlements involving asbestos, catastrophic events, consumer products, devices, drugs, illnesses, tobacco, and toxic waste, among others. GCG provides turnkey mass tort settlement administration, handling all aspects of the program from notice and claimant communications to claim processing and distribution. GCG has successfully administered many projects that involve components integral to medical monitoring cases. We understand the sensitive nuances in administering cases with a medical monitoring component and that protecting confidential information is key. We are HIPAA compliant and AICPA SOC 2, Type 1 certified.


Medical Monitoring

GCG is staffed for a variety of medical monitoring services, with attorneys* and medical professionals who review medical records in order to process eligibility determinations and calculate awards.


Our medical monitoring services include:

  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance;
  • Obtaining releases of medical information from and for claimants;
  • Facilitating medical record retrieval and reviewing records to validate each claim for product use and compensable injury;
  • Organizing and evaluating medical information;
  • Creating a database of information to design and implement a fair and reasonable distribution plan; and
  • Scheduling and monitoring appointments.


*GCG does not engage in the practice of law.