GCG’s Notice Team plays a key role in the full lifecycle of an administration, providing important industry class member communication and operations management experience gained while implementing thousands of notice programs. The result is a more thorough, tailored, and efficient notice program that allows for a start-to-finish focus on due process, and the ability to adapt to administration developments that arise. Our team has designed and implemented hundreds of legal notice programs in more than 40 languages in approximately 170 countries and in some of the most far-reaching programs in history. Courts have consistently approved GCG’s legal notice programs as providing the best notice practicable consistent with Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the requirements of due process.


Notice Language

Our team works with you to develop clear and concise notice materials to ensure that notice programs meet the plain language requirements of each case, satisfy Due Process and other legal requirements, and provide claimants with highly accessible and visible access to the most current settlement resources.


Direct Notice Programs

As technology advances and we all become more accessible via multiple devices and information outlets, GCG helps our clients design programs that satisfy legal and practical requirements, whether contact information is in the form of physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, or otherwise.  We have designed and executed direct outreach via radio and other media as well as via in-person settings such as temporary customer service centers and town hall meetings.


Media Strategy

A comprehensive media strategy can round out a notice program when direct notice to every affected party is not possible.  It can also serve as a standalone notice program when it is the best method to reach an affected group due to the nature of the claim involved, the available class member records, and/or the demographics or geographical composition of the group to be notified. GCG has implemented media programs in hundreds of cases. We utilize the latest media and technology to accomplish notice in the most effective and efficient way, and we provide expert testimony to the court in support of the program.